About me




Sawat dii khrap


My name is Ruedi Seiler and I was born in Switzerland. I studied geography at the university of Zurich.....


...cut cut cut...


Let me start over..

My greatest love (so far) is Thailand, it's people and it's culture. My passion is Thai language and being able to talk to people in Thai.

In my twenties I discovered the beauty of everything "Thai".  When I went to Thailand for the first time in my life I left with an empty heart but my mind was stuffed with unnecessary things. When I returned my heart was full of overwhelming emotions and my mind was empty and free.

After this unique experience I decided to start learning Thai language. Therefore, I enrolled in Thai classes at the university. This was the first decision during my educational career that was easy to make. Today I can happily admit that it was the best decision I ever made. Thai brought joy and happiness into my life and it always proves helpful whenever I find time to be in Thailand.


This valuable experience and the passion for Thai language is what I want to share with the rest of the world. Therefore, I started my youtube channel to help those of you with learning Thai who might feel the same way. The fastest and most rewarding way of learning something new is by being inspired and motivated from within yourself to experience something new.



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